Heidler Hardwood Lumber


Thickness Grade Footage
3/4" #1 Common 100
4/4" Select & FAS 100
4/4" #1 Common 1505
4/4" #2 Common 9990
4/4" Wattled 300
5/4" Select & FAS  
5/4" #1 Common  
6/4" Select & FAS  
6/4" #1 Common  
8/4" Select & FAS  
8/4" #1 Common  

Specie Information

    Juglans Cinerea

    Butternut is commonly used for furniture, cabinets, instrument cases, and general decoration millwork. It resembles Walnut in texture, but is lighter in color and much poorer in all strength categories. It is a beautiful wood in decorative applications.

    Through out the Eastern United States, but the principal commercial region is the Mid-Appalachian and Central states.

    The heartwood is medium brown to tan, but otherwise resembles the grain of the American Black Walnut. The grain is coarser but soft. Unlike Walnut, Butternut is generally not steamed. The wood is non-durable and does not take preservation treatment well.

    Butternut works well with both hand and machine tools, and is good for nailing, screwing and gluing.

    The wood is lightweight, around 28 pounds per cubic foot, and can be easily dented by a thumbnail.

    Generally available in limited thicknesses and quantities.

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