Heidler Hardwood Lumber


Thickness Grade Footage
4/4" Select 0
7/4" #2 Common (S2S) 500

Specie Information

    Chamaecyparis thyoides

    Cypress has been used for many years as an exterior wood that may come in contact with the ground. It is also used for exterior timbers, fence posts, boat building and siding. In the last 50 years, “Pecky” Cypress has become very popular for furniture and paneling.

    Cypress is harvested out of the southern states in North America.

    The wood is soft, light and has a pink tint. It is very weak and crushes easily, however its stability leads to its use for timbers and siding.

    Cypress works easily with both hand and machine tools. It nails and screws easily, but does not have great holding strength.

    Moderately available in both the select and pecky grades in 4/4” through 8/4”.

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