Heidler Hardwood Lumber

Grey Elm

Thickness Grade Footage
4/4" Select & FAS 0
4/4" #1 Common 0
4/4" #2 Common 0
6/4" Select & FAS 0
6/4" #1 Common 0
6/4" #2 Common 75
8/4" Select & FAS 0
10/4" Select & FAS 0
12/4" #2 Common 0

Specie Information

    Ulmus Americana

    Also called American White Elm, Soft Elm, or Water Elm, this wood is much softer and lighter than Red Elm. This wood is used for many things including: shipbuilding, agricultural implements, rocking chairs, ladder rungs and sleigh runners.

    Grey Elm is harvested in the eastern half of the United States and Canada.

    The wood is of medium density with medium bending and crushing strengths. The heartwood is reddish-brown in color and is fairly straight but sometimes interlocked with coarse and woolly texture.

    The wood is fairly easy to work with hand and machine tools as long as the edges are kept sharp. It nails, screws and glues well, but will wool-up if the tools are not sharp.

    Moderately available in 4/4” through 8/4”.

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