Heidler Hardwood Lumber

Honduras Mahogany - Special Widths

Thickness Grade Footage
4/4" 10" Up FAS 0
5/4" 10" Up FAS 35
6/4" 10" Up FAS 0
8/4" 10" Up FAS 0
10/4" 10" Up FAS 0
12/4" 10" Up FAS 0
16/4" 10" Up FAS 0

Specie Information

    Swietenia Macrophylla

    The most commonly used of all the Mahogany species, Honduras Mahogany is used in everything from cabinets and furniture to high-end instruments. Due to environmental pressures, the wood has increased in cost, but is still fairly available.

    Although it is generally called Honduras Mahogany, it comes from most all countries in Central and South America.

    The heartwood ranges from light reddish-brown to a deep, rich red. Although the grain is straight to interlocked, the plain sawn lumber will show a distinct growth ring figure. The texture is medium to coarse and the weight will vary depending on the area the wood comes from. You should watch for cross break when machining.

    Honduras Mahogany cuts easily with both hand and machine tools. It glues well and is easily nailed and screwed.

    Environmental pressures have lessened the supply of this wood, but it is still generally available in plain or quartered sawn in 4/4” through 16/4”.

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