Heidler Hardwood Lumber

Sapele - Special Widths

Thickness Grade Footage
4/4" 10" Up Select & FAS 70
6/4" 10" Up Select & FAS 0
8/4" 10" Up Select & FAS 0
10/4" 10" Up Select & FAS 0
12/4" 10" Up Select & FAS 0

Specie Information

    Entandrophragma cylindricum

    Sapele appears like a fine-grained African Mahogany but with more uniform color. You will find Sapele used in cabinetry, furniture, boats, musical instruments and other high-end architectural millwork applications.
    Sapele is harvested out of the Western and Eastern areas of Africa.
    The heartwood is a medium to dark reddish-brown color and the grain is interlocking with fairly fine texture. Sapele is often used in a quartered sawn or ribbon striped look and can even show a very attractive fiddle back figure.
    Works easily with both hand and machine tools. It nails, screws and glues well. You need to watch for ring shake and cross break when working with this material.
    Available in plain and quartered sawn, but fairly limited in thickness and quantity.

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