Heidler Hardwood Lumber


Thickness Grade Footage
4/4" FEQ 160
4/4" FEQ QTD 30
5/4" FEQ 30
6/4" FEQ 75
8/4" FEQ 0
8/4" FEQ 10" 0
10/4" FEQ 0
12/4" FEQ 560

Specie Information

    Tectona grandis

    Teak has been used for many years in marine applications, furniture, cabinetry and even flooring. Teak is very durable and resistant to decay. You will find it used in any application that requires a wood resistant to weather degradation.

    Generally thought of from the area around and including Burma, but now grown in Africa as well as the Caribbean on plantations.

    The true Burma Teak is a uniform golden-brown color. Most other Teak is a rich brown with darker markings. It is oily or waxy to the touch with a fairly coarse texture.

    Teak will severely blunt machine tools, but offers only moderate resistance to hand tools. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and screwing. The fine machine dust has been known to occasionally cause skin irritation.

    Good seasonal availability in plain sawn from 4/4” through 12/4”.

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